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  • The first round of T-Fi lending service is open 03.09.2021off
    How do I apply for the service?

    Step 1: Click the ‘Menu’ button on the upper right corner of the home page.
    Step 2: Click the ‘Sign up’ button and fill out the boxes and click on ‘Sign up’
    Step 3: Go to your registered email and copy the verification code pasting it in the box. After that, click on the ‘Confirm’ button.
    Step 4: After logging in, click on ‘My Asset’ button and fill out the form with desired quantity of BOA you want to deposit and your BOA wallet address where your BOA will be withdrawn.
    1) Private Wallet: Input your private wallet address, 2) Exchange address: Input your exchange wallet address.
    Step 5: After clicking on ‘Deposit Request’, the application is complete, and you may send BOA to the BOA address in the email when you receive the email from us.
    *If the maximum quantity is closed, ‘Closed’ message will pop up.
  • T-Fi Early Closing Notice 02.22.2021off

    On February 17, T-Fi, the next-generation economic business model that combines blockchain and the traditional economy,
    was unveiled to the world, and the first round of recruitment ended early only in 47 seconds
    after the opening on February 22, which was the first day of recruitment.

    * Closing date: February 22nd, 12:00:47 in UTC
    * Total Recruitment: 10,000,000 BOA
    * Total Applicable Quantity: 13,000,000 BOA (30% Spare Quantity Included)

    Many have participated in the first round of recruiting for T-Fi from various countries around the world. Through this, We were able to see that many people around the world were thirsty for a new economic model,
    and eager for more convenient and stable digital asset management, and above all, they were waiting for a connection with the real economy.
    Those who are confirmed to participate will be sent an individual email. Please check the registered email so that there are no disadvantages.
    Information on additional recruitment and second recruitment will be provided later.

    지난 2월 17일, 블록체인과 실물경제가 융합된 차세대 경제 비즈니스 모델인 티파이가 세상에 처음 공개되었고,
    모집 첫 날인 금일 2월 22일 (월), 1차 모집이 오픈 후 47초 만에 조기 마감되었습니다.

    * 마감 일시: 2월 22일 월 오후 09:00:47 in KTC
    * 총 모집 수량: 10,000,000BOA
    * 총 신청 수량: 13,000,000BOA (30%의 예비 수량 포함)

    티파이의 1차 모집에는 전 세계 다양한 국가에서 참여해 주셨습니다. 이를 통해 전 세계 많은 사람들의 블록체인 내, 새로운 경제 모델에 대한 갈증, 더 편리하고 안정적인 디지털 자산 운용에 대한 열망을 느낄 수 있었고 무엇보다 실물경제와의 연결을 기다리고 있었다는 점을 확인할 수 있었습니다.
    참여가 확정되신 분들께는 개별 이메일로 참여 방법이 발송됩니다.
    꼭 등록된 이메일을 확인하시어 불이익이 없도록 유의하시기 바랍니다. 추가 모집 및 2차 모집에 대한 내용은 추후 안내할 예정입니다.
  • Q1. Where can we buy BOA? 03.09.2021off

    You can buy BOA on exchanges such as Bithumb, Bithumb Global, Bittrex Global, KuCoin, and Coinbene. We are planning to add additional listings to Top Global Exchanges within this year.

  • Q2. Where did the name BOA come from and what does it represent? 03.09.2021off

    BOA is the coin name of BOSAGORA. AGORA, which means "Square," Was an ancient Greek democratic decision-making place. Ancient Greek citizens gathered in the square to decide on the history of the city after a democratic debate. Bosagora also aims for a system similar, named the "Council Network", a group of node operators, makes decisions on important issues of the platform, such as system upgrades and the use of public budgets. Using a decision-making tool called Votera, it makes all decisions systematically and deliberately. Unlike other coins such as Tezos, EOS, etc., that only some of the people make representative decisions, BOSAGORA gives the right of voting to everyone. As we have a similar vision as well as system of the ancient Greek agora, we named ourselves BOSAGORA

  • Q3. Which Country in BOSAGORA from? 03.09.2021off

    The Bosagora Foundation is located in Zug, Switzerland. Development and operation is heldat BPF Korea located in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Q4. What's the current Development process? 03.09.2021off

    Development is processing smoothly with the goal of launching Coinnet in the third quarter of 2021 and completing Trust contacts within this year.
    We first completed the entire node underlying infrastructure and developed quorum balancing, which will play an important role in consensus protocols. We have recently completed the development of validators to allow staking for additional BOAs and are developing Flash Layer solutions that will significantly improve scalability. High-availability wallets and Explorers have also been developed and are being tested to incorporate them into Coinnet.

  • Q5. What is T-Fi? 03.09.2021off

    T-Fi, short for True Finance, is a next-generation financial business model that combines blockchain and the traditional economy. In other words, it is a new concept of DeFi that seeks stable and high returns to the world by combining financial products such as stocks and real estate with BOACoin. T-Fi is a next-generation financial model that combines blockchain and the real economy, and it provides a transparent and reliable environment by taking advantage of the characteristics of the De-Fi, where all transactions are handled by Smart Contracts. By paying the BOA of the expected interest rate listed in the product announcement in conjunction with the real economy, fair profit distribution is possible without risks such as rapid manipulation of interest rates using low liquidity or exploitation of bugs/contact vulnerabilities. Also, the profit structure based on the real economy makes it easy for anyone to understand and participate in the project, and various business models in the world can participate in the T-Fi ecosystem and operate the project.

  • Q6. Do you return the BOA that I staked back after a year? 03.09.2021off

    38% of the base interest pays 38% of the amount of BOA lending, and 7% of FMway operating revenue pays 7% of the cash value of the BOA lending.

  • Q7. How does T-Fi provide the interest for the following program? 03.09.2021off

    The funding for T-Fi interests are provided from partnered companies verified by BOSAGORA.The partner companies managing funds are trusted professional trading companies that have passed BOSAGORA’s profit verification tests.To ensure a stable and safe financial management system, BOSAGORA receives daily reports on asset status from our partners.

  • Q8. How can I trust T-fi? 03.09.2021off

    We will develop the wallet function of the T-Fi platform so that we can stake and lend through API linkage while maintaining assets in our individual wallets for T-Fi without transferring the tokens.
    It also functions as an escrow by dividing and owning the secret key for the lending asset between participants and T-Fi Labs. (Secret keys are required on both sides for withdrawal; T-FiLabs cannot withdraw alone)

  • Q9. How does the Secret Key work? 03.09.2021off

    The secret key for lending assets is shared between participants and T-Fi Labs. If the secret key is 8 digits, you can divide it into 4 digits. This function will be applied from the second half of 2021.

  • Q10. Are all interests from programs guaranteed? 03.09.2021off

    Virtual assets recruited by T-Fi have a possibility of loss, but FMway sets its loss cut to -10%.
    In addition, 10% of the total recruitment amount is participated by the Foundation to deal with the loss fee.
    Also, T-Fi generates a high rate of staking rewards to offset possible losses in the rendering.If T-Fi Labs is unable to return virtual assets received from users due to bankruptcy or other reasons, the BOSAGORA Foundation will return the additional assets.

  • Q11. Can I cancel my node operation staking subscription in the middle of the program? 03.09.2021off

    You can cancel the node operation service at any time. However, rewards are not distributed from the point of cancelation.

  • Q12. Can I cancel my lending subscription in the middle of the program? 03.09.2021off

    Users cannot cancel the subscription if one has already participated in a program. However, freely trade the lending certificate token you received at the time of lending on the P2P on the exchange within the platform.

  • Q13. Can I trade my BOA that are lended? 03.09.2021off

    The BOA that are lended are left to the partner company. In other words, the assets cannot be traded until the end of the product period.
    However, Node operation staked assets can be withdrawn and traded at any time.
    In case of lending services, you can't withdraw and trade right away because it's open for one year. However, you can transfer the lending principal, future profits, and rights to airdrop by freely trading the lending certificate token you received on P2P on the exchange within the platform.

  • Q14. Are interest rates the same for all programs? 03.09.2021off

    Interest rates (%) may vary depending on the time and period of the virtual asset deposit interest program.

  • Q15. Can I know how much interest I will receive at the end of the program? 03.09.2021off

    The expected amount of interest for each Lending/Staking program can be found at the ‘My Assets’ Page.

  • Q16. Is there a minimum or a maximum participation limit for theT-Fi program? 03.09.2021off

    The minimum and maximum participation limit of crypto assets deposit interest service can be checked through each product's application page and the notices of the T-Fi program.

  • Q17. When does the settlement process happen? 03.09.2021off

    The settlement for all programs will occur at the end of the program. However, if any change would be needed, we’ll proceed with the settlement following our announcement.

  • Q18. What is the decimal policy for T-Fi? 03.09.2021off

    All participation, principal, and interest amounts in T-Fi are rounded down from the 4th decimal digit to the fourth decimal digit.

  • Q19. In addition to stocks and real estate, what real economy partners does True Finance plan to introduce? 03.09.2021off

    BM of any traditional economy can be combined into this model. If stability and profitability have been fully verified, various BMs such as real estate, raw materials, derivatives, and grains, as well as stock BMs such as FMway, can be collaborated.

  • Q20. Is Bosagora planning to run an exchange for its users? 03.09.2021off

    There is no plan to open a separate cryptocurrency exchange, However we plan to open a P2P market within T-Fi to help users freely trade "Lending Certificate Tokens."

  • Q21. Where do I ask inquiries related to T-Fi? 03.09.2021off

    Please a email to

  • Q22. What are the key features of T-Fi? 03.09.2021off

    As it's a De-Fi based on the real economy, the profit structure is clear and safe. From the user's perspective, it is easy to understand, and any product with high safety and profitability can be registered as an investment product of T-Fi, so the ecosystem is highly scalable.

  • Q23. How much is the transaction fee? 03.09.2021off

    The essential fees for maintaining the service, such as operating fees, legal currency loan fees, and T-Fi Labs Node operating fees, occur within reasonable levels. The specific fee policy will be announced separately, and it can be changed from time to time.

  • Q24. What are the differences between T-Fi Lending Staking and T-Fi Node Operation Staking? 03.09.2021off

    Node operation staking is the deposit required to operate the node for the block verification of the Bosagora, in which the participants will be rewarded by dividing the specified rewards according to their contribution.
    T-Fi Lending generates additional revenue by lending locked BOAs staked by users elsewhere for node operations. The revenue varies depending on the participating BMs.

  • Q25. Can I use a T-Fi using crypto currency other than BOA? 03.09.2021off

    Currently, only BOA is available. If other cryptocurrencies become available in the future, Wewill announce the T-Fi collaboration.

  • Q26. Where can I view my transactions? 03.09.2021off

    You can check your transaction details on ‘My Page’. However, it will not be operated beforethe Bosagora Coinnet development, and it will be updated then.

  • Q27. What's a Lending Certificate Token? 03.09.2021off

    'Lending Certificate Token' is a kind of token that is given to users who lend BOA on the T-Fiplatform. Lending Certificate Token certifies the right to lend BOA and future revenue. Upon the expiration of the lending, the lending certificate token is automatically recalled and incinerated at the same time as the revenue distribution. Before expiration, P2P can be traded between users on the exchange within the T-Fi platform.
    For example, when applying for a lending on FMway, the first partner of T-Fi, FMT, the 'Lending voucher token' will be paid in a 1:1 ratio with the number of BOA.

  • Q28. Are all the program periods the same? 03.09.2021off

    All program periods may vary. You can view the program period in the ‘detail page’.

  • Q29. Is the declared yield based on the number of coins or the value of cash? 03.09.2021off

    Staking compensation is the interest rate based on the number of coins staked. Lending compensation is the interest rate based on the cash value of the lending coin

  • Q30. What is the final goal of T-Fi? 03.09.2021off

    The goal of T-Fi is to create an environment where technology can more freely, fairly and safely participate in all BMs (digital finance + traditional finance) in the world

  • Q31. Are there any possibilities of Hacking? 03.09.2021off

    Currently we do not have a cash withdrawal function, However when we activate such function we will and we will strengthen the security stage such as 2FA before the withdrawal function is activated.

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