T-Fi, an easier path to your finance. Earn profit by staking and lending BOA!
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BOSAGORA is a public blockchain platform that aims
to make a better world enabling a new way of life.

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What’s BOA Staking?

Staking BOA means freezing BOA to become a key holder of
the BOSAGORA ecosystem. The key members of BOA's staking
program are given multiple benefits. The benefits include
Operating nodes and becoming a member of the Congress
network, which means you can participate in decision making
and receive a Confirmation Reward by contributing to block

What’s a BOA Confirmation Reward?

Staking BOA and operating nodes contributes to the creation
of a block, thereby enabling to earn a Confirmation Reward.
According to the BOSAGORA white paper, a holder must have
40,000 or more BOAs to operate node and receive
Confirmation Rewards, and additionally have to run certain
programs 24 hours a day.
Are you worried that you don't have enough BOA and have a hard time to run a program?
Don't worry If you entrust T fi labs, you can get rewards
without having to hold 40 000 BOA nor having to run any

What’s BOA T-Fi Lending?
DeFi and T-Fi

DeFi is an innovative concept that handles all processes in
finance through decentralized systems without any centralized
intermediaries such as banks, governments and companies. But
it's also true that it's hard to call it a ‘true finance’ due to its
narrow scope.
BOSAGORA, symbolizes ‘True Finance(T-Fi)’ that can be used
in the real economy. Now you can enjoy the benefits of finance linked
to various real-life economies,
including stock and real estate funds, through T-Fi.

T-Fi Lending?

You can get a Confirmation Reward by staking BOA on T-Fi.
Furthermore, you can enjoy additional benefits if the holder
agrees to lend the staked BOA. T-Fi labs returns your lended
BOA with profit by investing cash in a variety of real-world
economic areas as collateral. You can choose which economy
your BOA will be invested in.

What’s FMway?

FMway is a stock fund asset management service based on corporate fundamental data algorithms. It eliminates arbitrary human
judgment and selects and invests stocks based on these consistent criteria in 100% algorithms to generate stable returns. Back-test
simulations of stock markets for last 20 years showed an average annual return rate of 39.7%. Also, it made profit in 80% of the quarters
through out total 78 quarters. The actual investment track record, which started in 2014, also have similar results to the simulation results.

FMway is the first partner in the T-Fi ecosystem that BOSAGORA wants to implement. T-Fi generates revenue by investing in FMway as
collateral for BOA assets that the holders have lended on.

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What’s FMT?

FMT is a vouture token form. FMT means the holder invested in
FMway by lending BOA. The Lender may require future revenue
from FMway based on FMT. Alternatively, the users can buy and
sell FMT with the other users on a ‘P2P Exchange’ located in the
T-Fi platform, hence anyone can trade the rights to the lended
BOA and future revenue at any time.

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